Building With Purpose.

TxB Labs is a competitive Web3 hackathon team comprising two distinct groups: Learners and Hackers. Learners are committed to understanding Web3 and smart contract development fundamentals, while Hackers leverage their smart contract development expertise to participate in hackathons. To encourage engagement and recognize achievement, TxB Labs will reward the top-performing hackers with an all-expenses-paid trip to ETH Denver.

We meet every Wednesday, from 6:45-7:30pm following Texas Blockchain General Meetings.


Solidity Training

Developers unfamiliar with blockchain can learn Solidity and Web3 fundamentals, covering DeFi, NFTs, and more. Upon completion, they too can hack!


Labs Hackers will compete in online and in-person hackathons through the fall and spring semesters, including ETHGlobal, Chainlink Fall/Spring, and Coindesk Web3athon.


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