NEAR Hackathon

Join us for our hackathon on March 5th at Capital Factory, Voltron Room, at 701 Brazos St., Suite 150, Austin, TX 78701

What Is NEAR?

NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application (dApp) platform and Ethereum competitor that focuses on developer and user-friendliness. Its native NEAR tokens are used to pay for transaction fees and storage on the Near crypto platform. NEAR is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that uses sharding technology to achieve scalability.  Specifically, NEAR is designed to make it easier to:

  1. Build decentralized applications, even if you're only used to building with "traditional" web or app concepts.
  2. Onboard users with a smooth experience, even if they have never used crypto, tokens, keys, wallets, or other blockchain artifacts.
  3. Scale your application seamlessly - the underlying platform automatically expands capacity via sharding without additional costs or effort on your part.
NEAR Hackathon


There will be 3k in prizes along with potential NEAR grants!

1st - $1000

2nd - $500

3rd - $250

4th - $250

5th - $250

Every team that submits a project will get $50 for participating in the hackathon.

NEAR will give up to 5 teams grants ranging from $50,000-$100,000 if they like your project!

Now - March 5th

  • Sign up for the hackathon
  • Join the discord and get a channel
  • Join a team
  • Start working on a project!

March 4th, 5pm - 9pm

  • Virtual Solidity workshop

March 5th - Saturday 9am - 9pm (Hackathon Day)

9am: Registration / sign in + small breakfast / coffee

9:45am: Kick off announcements

11am: Start hacking

Lunch: Table food to grab

  • Sandwiches / chips / fruit / sodas

6pm: Dinner / presentations and judging

9pm: Closing ceremony and awards


Hackathon Info

People can sign up, find a team in the discord, and start building now! March 5th will be the hackathon and judging and submission. We heavily encourage any team to get started ASAP so that they'll have a more finished product to present, increasing their chances to win and to be awarded a NEAR grant. You don't need to know Solidity! We will be having a workshop on the 4th and teach you everything you want to know!

You can sign up via the google form below. All communication and announcements will be done through the discord and we'll be judging the number of participants via the number of active users so make sure you've joined it.

Where do I start?

Fill out the form below and then join the discord! Introduce yourself in #introductions and say whether you have a team, whether you're working on your own project or want to try one of NEAR's recommended projects (links to them are in the form and discord) and start hacking away!


How do projects work?

You can select one of our recommended projects on the site (any number of teams can work on a project) or pick one of your own. You can start on the project anytime, right after the team is formed. You do not have to wait until the event to get started. You must, however, finish it before the final presentations at the event.

Do I need a team now?

No, you can sign up and find a team in the discord. Teams are flexible. People can join teams at any time. It's perfectly fine to start now and then add people later!

Are there any rules?

You cannot demo somebody else’s work, i.e., everything you demo must be done by your team. All attendees (hackers, supporters, mentors, volunteers, etc.) must abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

Do I need to know Solidity?

No. We will have Solidity workshops before the hackathon on the 21st and 28th and teach you everything you need to know. Also NEAR allows people to build in other languages like Rust and C++.