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Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about Texas Blockchain

How do I join?

All you have to do right now is just join the Texas Blockchain discord server! There you will be able to find the schedule for meetings and where they take place.

Do I have to be a student?

No you don't! We have plenty of members that are either alumnus or just people in Austin who are interested in blockchain. We are open to everyone.

What is the future plan for Texas Blockchain?

We plan on creating a DAO that allows us to create an participation incentive and reward people for getting into blockchain. We plan on expanding beyond UT to the greater Austin area and potentially expand and work with other universities in texas.

Why sponsor?

We can provide protocols and platforms a large pool of high quality programmers. UT Austin is top 10 in CS in the nation. Hackathons allows sponsors to get dozens of people working on their platform and is a cheap way to possibly get multiple great products developed on their platform.

How do we work with you?

Use the contact form above containing your proposition and your preferred contact method. We prefer using discord and signal for all business communication. A member on the team will get back to you and establish a strong communication between us so we can start discussing the proposition further and plan on how to actualize it.