About Texas Blockchain

Students at the University of Texas exploring blockchain technology as it relates to engineering, finance, computer science, & economics.

Our Story

The founders and advisors of Texas Blockchain believed in creating an organization that made The University of Texas at Austin a major contributor to the blockchain ecosystem.

Texas Blockchain was founded in the fall of 2017 by Alan Orwick, Preston Sledge, and Jake Katzmarek. The organization began as a small gathering of students eager to learn and over time grew into a large community of crypto experts.

Texas Blockchain was able to grow due to influences from early advisors such as Professor Sriram Vishwanath and Professor Cesare Fracassi. Both of these Professors have aided and advised hundreds of students interested in learning blockchain technology.

Now, the club is focused on building up from the foundation,  expanding the blockchain community at UT-Austin, and eventually building a community of chapters across the state of Texas at member universities.

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To the right is a brief history of important events for the club. From the founding of it to building the foundations for it today, each segment shows a significant change in the club's direction. As time goes on, new faces reinvigorate the organization. While it is ever so evolving, we strive to always push and continue to grow the club into what it can truly be.



Alan Orwick, Preston Sledge, and Jake Katzmarek lay down the first stones. Started as a small reading club, they fostered the club and laid down the path for future growth.


Professor Sriram and Cesare Join

Dr. Sriram Vishwanath and Dr. Cesare Fracassi join the organization as the club's sponsoring professors and expand the club's possibilities. From sponsors, hackathons, and connections, they allowed for the solidification of what we are today.


Texas Blockchain Lifts Off

Under Jake Levy's leadership, Texas Blockchain restructures and sets off to reach heights never before seen with a student-run blockchain org.


Our Team

Meet the Texas Blockchain Team and see what we do