Investing In the Future

The TxB Investment Fund is an amalgamation of students interested in blockchain/web3 protocols, value investing, and research/due diligence.

Over the course of the next two years, we will be investing around 25 Ethereum, that has been provided to us in partnership with Collab Currency VC. The investments are not limited to tokens but rather any form of investing on the blockchain: yield farming, NFTs, etc. Students accepted into the program will gain experience with forming novel forms of valuation analysis to curate investment strategies and pitching these investment ideas to the club on a monthly basis.


Monthly Investment Pitch

Every month the cohort will pitch an investment allowing the portfolio to continuously diversify. A select group of students out of the total cohort of 8-10 students will also pitch at least one investment per semester allowing members more time to research and seek out the best opportunities for the fund.


Pranav Chelat, 2025, Finance
Mohammad Choudhury, 2025, Computer Science
Shajeea Lakhani, 2027, Economics
Dane Kveton, 2025, Human Dimensions of Organizations
Ria Mehrotra, 2027, Finance
Arjun Yenamandra, 2027, Statistics and Data Science
Niladri Nath, 2026, MIS and Finance
Arianna Fuentes, 2024, MIS
Matthew Rui, 2027, Business and CS Certificate

Melinda Wang, Sophomore, MIS/Econ,
Abhinav Rao Talluri, Junior, Finance,
Vinay Majjiga, Sophomore, Econ,
Aaron Vedaraj, Freshman, CBHP,

A Special thanks To Our partners