Fueling Web3 Disruption

The TxB Incubator is a true web3 “ideator”, that can transform ideas & visions into tangible businesses, and provide the necessary support & resources to iterate and become successful.

We intend to cultivate a sustainable accelerator program that sources aspiring entrepreneurs from the UT Austin and Austin area, top-tier student talent from Texas Blockchain and UT Austin, and eager mentors/investors looking to prepare and develop our incubated startups.



Every incubated start-up will be offered a monetary grant. We have a broader base of funding to provide to start-ups, which can be requested for by start-up teams and approved by the incubator executive team via a vote.


The goal of the incubator cohort is to provide each incubated start-up with a dedicated mentor and executives to turn to with any questions, while also providing guidance throughout the semester. Mentors will range from investors, to lawyers to help startups in any capacity that they may need.

Talent Pool

One of our unique capabilities is our ability to tap into our talent pool of students from all areas of expertise, and match them with our portfolio companies to help them scale. Whether it's through UI/UX Design, Full Stack Development, Marketing, Business Development, and more, we have the talent to help fulfill any needs that may arise throughout the scaling process of a startup.


A Special thanks To Our partners and mentors from: