Teaching DeFi

At Texas Blockchain Finance, we want to focus on providing diligent ways to research web 3 companies for someone that is new to investing in the blockchain space. This insight will be provided through the experience of the executives by which they present case studies and have in-depth discussions with finance members on a weekly basis.

We aim to create an environment where students are exposed to the applications of web 3 and are placed to the test to use their skills in a meaningful way to further the development of the org as a whole.

Our Activities

๐Ÿ“ˆ Investment Strategy Meetings

Our weekly investment strategy meetings will consist of discussing how to properly invest in this space. We will do this by thoroughly explaining how to diligently research for high-quality projects, whether through a cryptocurrency or NFTs. Furthermore, we will also be presenting case studies by which we thoroughly examine different projects in this space that include Axie Infinity, Terra, and Solana, etc. At the end of each case study, we plan for members to rank the project. The aggregate ranking will be presented on a leaderboard and our aim for doing this is for individuals to see which projects gain traction in the eyes of young investors. During these sessions, there will also be several experienced investors in the space coming to speak about specific financial aspects of crypto, how they scan the market, and look for new opportunities to invest. Ultimately, the basis for everything that happens in these sessions is meant to advise members on how to effectively invest in the blockchain space.

๐Ÿ“ข Discussion Sessions

In addition to the Investment Strategy meetings, the finance side of the Texas Blockchain Org will focus on creating an environment where members can share their ideas regarding certain projects in an informal setting. Our aim for these meetings is to create awareness around the space and hopefully attract individuals who will potentially be interested in joining the club. We plan to allocate all current finance members a mock portfolio of $10,000 bi-weekly where members will choose their picks for the time period indicated. The outcomes will be represented on a leaderboard which will be accessed on the website and thus everything will be fully transparent (just the way we like it in the crypto space). At the end of the period, the leaderboard will reset and there will be a winner determined by who had the best ROI (Return of Investment) and this member will be rewarded with a Texas Blockchain Member Bevo Punk. Furthermore, these bi-weekly leaderboards will be a part of a semester leaderboard which will essentially act as an accumulation of the bi-weekly ROIs and the semester winner will receive a more valuable prize (to be determined). In terms of the future for the club, we plan for these leaderboards to act as data and will help us in gaining further funds from our generous investors to transform these mock portfolios into real monetary allocations.

๐Ÿค Finance Day

Students will be provided with the opportunity to use the skills they learned throughout the semester to present a mock portfolio of $100,000 amongst current members and innovators within the space. The aim of this competition is to see the development of the finance members through their ability to perform sound fundamental analysis and be able to manage a large portfolio. The student with the best portfolio will be rewarded a monetary prize (TBD) from our generous donors that will be used to allocate to their proposal.


Our Team

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