Teaching Engineering

Texas Blockchain Engineering focuses on providing the highest quality educational content about blockchain from a technical perspective. New members can expect to go through our Blockchain 101 curriculum that is broken up into Bitcoin 101, Etheruem 101, and Solidity 101. This is a one-year curriculum with Bitcoin being taught in the fall semester and Ethereum in the spring. Our curriculum is structured in a way that those with no prior coding experience can participate and get assistance whenever needed.

Once members graduate from Blockchain 101, they can expect to focus more on projects and have access to other curriculums that cover additional layer 1 protocols and much more.

Tuesday @ 6:00 - 7:00 PM
Friday @ 6:00 - 7:00 PM

UT Austin, Building SZB 3.508


Recommended Projects

Members will be able to work on projects recommended by us with a group. These groups will be expected to report the updates of the projects each week and write up documentation. This may seem unnecessary, but we strongly believe in encouraging good engineering practices so members will be ready to work in the industry.

Proposed Projects

In addition to the recommended projects, we encourage members to be creative and propose their own project ideas. Members will have to submit a project proposal that outlines the objective, funding amount, and team members. With this structure, we hope to create an environment that encourages innovation and contributes to the web3 ecosystem.


Professor Sriram Vishwanath is our advisor and the source of our hackathons because he has connections with protocols like Solana, NEAR, etc. We help us organize and host these hackathons with our goal next year to have hackathons each month or two. Check out the hackathon page for more Information and upcoming hackathons.


Our Team

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